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Get Meaningful Insights with Professional Survey Text Analysis Services

Do you know what is in your free-text survey responses? We analyze your free-text survey responses to find emerging patterns and draw meaning. We look for complaints, complaints distribution, unarticulated needs and more. From employee engagement surveys to patient satisfaction surveys our NLP experts analyze them all.

Focus on decision making and not the text analysis.

A.I. Strategy & Advise

Get advise when you need it Our consultants work closely with you to design solutions and provide guidance so that you can become successful in your A.I. adventures. We can help you with a well-strategized product vision, engage in technical coaching,  provide design ideas and a plan to hire the right kind of talent. Do…
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A.I. Training and Workshops

Make an impact. Learn how to build working solutions for real problems. With all the buzz around Artificial Intelligence knowing what to learn in order to build impactful A.I. solutions can be a challenge. We understand that companies need to automate workflows and build data-driven features FAST. With that in mind, our classes focus on…
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AI & NLP Solution Implementation

Need to get an A.I. or NLP project off the ground? We can help bring your vision to life. Our experts at Opinosis Analytics have spent over a decade solving complex automation, prediction, search and pattern mining problems and can help you solve the messiest of tasks. We have the theoretical know how coupled with years of hands-on experience to bring your vision to life.