Precipice Research: AI in Legal Tech

Domain: AI in Legal
Services: AI Strategy Consulting (Technical)

Precipice Research is a brand new startup in the legal space working on a problem related to identifying litigation risks based on social media comments. We worked with them for several months to provide advisory and strategy services in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. This included:

  • Overall project planning and scoping
  • NLP algorithm design and planning
  • Advice around getting meaningful results from the different algorithms

By the end of the initiative, Precipice research was braced with the following capabilities:

  • A working risk identification pipeline leveraging NLP & Machine Learning
  • Knowlege around which algorithms to apply for which problems
  • Knowledge around how to evaluate their algorithms for accuracy

Here’s what the founder had to say:

Kavita is a gifted AI professional with a rare combination of technical skills, practical sense, and the ability to relay technical concepts simply.

I worked with Kavita after seeing her online portfolio to help my team navigate a complex Natural Language Processing project for risk identification. Instead of sending us down a thousand different paths, Kavita helped us nail the scope of the project and provided targeted and sound technical guidance, keeping the project focused on the desired business outcomes.

She guided us through designing algorithms that actually worked and showed us how to frame various data science problems such that we were getting meaningful results out of the solutions. Kavita is patient, has depth and breadth of knowledge, and explains concepts in a way that even a non-technical person can understand. I would happily recommend Kavita to teams who want to leverage complex datasets to improve business outcomes

C. Taggart Grant
Founder at Precipice Research

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