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How we use Natural Language Processing for market research?

In order for companies to innovate, build new product lines and understand the effects of certain product groups and chemical interactions, manual analysis of scientific articles is typically needed. Manual research can be very time consuming and researchers have started turning to automated methods with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to help speed up their work.

How we automatically organize large amounts of text data with topics?

Making sense of volumes of text data in surveys, legal documents, websites, customer support tickets and discussion threads can be daunting. This is why organizations are turning to tags, labels and topics to help organize all of their data. Unfortunately, not all organizations can afford the time to manually create labels for each and every document that they deal with…

How we use automatic categorization to make sense of documents?

Enterprises are overwhelmed with the volume of text they have to deal with every day. You have emails, chats, web pages, social media, support tickets, survey responses, clinical notes, incident reports and a whole lot more that are purely unstructured in nature. While text data can be an extremely rich source of information, manually extracting insights from large volumes of text data is labor intensive…

How we surface customer complaints with text mining and analytics?

Feedback from customers trickles in from different sources including social sources (e.g. Twitter), customer surveys, user reviews and customer support conversations. All this data put together is a gold mine for understanding what customers REALLY want. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of such data, it is hard for organizations to gather insights about customers using that data…