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what is the hcahps survey

HCAHPS Survey: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

As NLP and Machine Learning consultants, part of what we do is analyze data – primarily text data in combination with structured data to help organizations make informed decisions. However, when it came down to analyzing the HCAHPS survey data, there was a lot of confusion around what the HCAHPS is, how it works and…
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case study extracting insights from patient comments

Improving Patient Experience with Insights from Patient Comments

Learn how Opinosis Analytics uses Text Analytics on patient feedback data to assist with patient experience transformation.

types of insights you can get from patient comments

Leverage Patient Comments to Gain Insights Into Your Practice

Learn about the different types of insights you can get from detailed analysis of patient comments.

Get Meaningful Insights from Patient Comments – Professional Text and Sentiment Analysis Services

Check out our patient comments text and sentiment analysis services.