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Hands-On Deep Learning for NLP

Start building deep learning models from scratch! This hands-on course will not only teach you how to build effective deep learning models for text related problems, but will also teach you how to leverage these models in cost effective ways to serve production traffic.

How we use Natural Language Processing for market research?

In order for companies to innovate, build new product lines and understand the effects of certain product groups and chemical interactions, manual analysis of scientific articles is typically needed. Manual research can be very time consuming and researchers have started turning to automated methods with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to help speed up their work.

How we surface customer complaints, wants and needs through text analysis?

Feedback from customers trickles in from different sources including social sources (e.g. Twitter), customer surveys, user reviews and customer support conversations. All this data put together is a gold mine for understanding what customers REALLY want. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of such data, it is hard for organizations to gather insights about customers using that data…

3 Tips for Building NLP Systems that Scale

A vast majority of NLP solutions developed at the work place just don’t scale! And by scale, we mean handling real world uses cases,  ability to handle large amounts of data and ease of deployment in a production environment. Some of these approaches either work on extremely narrow use cases or have a tough time…
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