Data Science & NLP for Patient Experience Management

Improving the Patient Experience starts with understanding DATA

Many patient experience leaders say:

"it's not easy to use data"

Problems We've Heard From PX Leaders

We don’ t really use survey data as we don't know how to interpret it

We receive 100,000+ patient comments every year, we’re struggling to quantify all this data​

We’re collecting tonnes of experience data from scheduling to discharge, but are unsure how to answer the questions we have​

We've made changes to improve the patient experience, but don’t know how to measure success

Unfortunately, what you don’t measure, cannot be managed!

We’re  here to help move your 

patient experience agenda forward

How Can We Help You?

PX Data Analysis Service

Recurring Patient Experience Data & Text Analysis Service

We gather experience data from various sources such as your HCAHPS data, internal surveys, reviews from the Web, complaints and others to perform a comprehensive data analysis that answers questions specific to YOUR  hospital system.

With our recurring service and comparative analysis, you’ll be able to track progress quarter after quarter ensuring you are on the right path towards managing and improving the patient experience.

PX Text Analytics Platform

Real-time Insights from Patient Comments

Our PX Text Analytics Platform will allow you to manage and analyze your patient comments from surveys or from the Web all in one place.

You will not only be able to better manage your patient comments on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll also get real-time insights into what’s happening in your organization.

Pair this with our PX Data Analysis Service, to get expert analysis with on all your data. 


PX Measure

Success Tracking in Changes to the Patient Experience

Failing to measure changes to the patient experience could be costing you wasted dollars on the wrong solutions.  

Through our consulting service, we work directly with you to understand your patient experience goals and recommend the best set of metrics to measure the success of your efforts. 

Pair this with our PX Data Analysis Service for a complete picture of how your hospital is doing, progress you’ve made thus far and  plan next steps accordingly.

Why Partner With Us?

Customized Solutions

Every organization is different. We tailor our solutions to move the needle for our customers instead of giving out cookie cutter solutions that may sound fancy, but do nothing for the patient experience. We work towards answering questions specific to YOUR organization and establish metrics that will measure and track REAL progress.

Industry Expertise

Our experts have been solving Data problems long before Data Science became one of the most talked about topics in technology. We are thought leaders in our industry and have positively impacted millions of people through our work. We have over 20 peer-reviewed articles in the field and have developed solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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