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With over 15+ years of real-world NLP and ML experience, we help organizations develop custom NLP and Machine Learning solutions that fit their business goals (without unnecessary hype).

NLP & Machine Learning (ML) Consulting Services

Leadership & Advisory

Get your NLP idea developed with expert guidance.

With over 15 years of NLP & ML experience, we work with AI startups as well as product teams to bring their NLP & ML idea from concept to a working solution. Whether you’re looking to develop a sentiment classifier or a topic extraction system, we use a structured process to guide you in your development.

Insights Extraction

Get insights from your text data using NLP / Intelligent Data Analytics

Need custom insights from large volumes of text data? We know how to extract signals from noise with large volumes of text data. Whether it’s insights from search logs or customer experience data, we’ve done it for over a dozen of clients.

Custom Model Development

Get working prototypes developed by experts.

You have an AI idea, but you don’t know if it will work or how to go about its development. We can assist by developing working prototypes for a wide range of NLP and ML problems that you can further expand into an MVP for your company. From search and recommendation systems to document categorization models.

Model Optimization

Understand the performance of your NLP solutions

Are your NLP or ML models performing sub-optimally? Or are you unsure of your model performance? We perform rigorous model assessments to help you fix problems at the root and improve the accuracy and efficiency of models.

NLP & ML Problems We Can Help With

Predictive Analytics

Predict future outcomes based on historical data. Predict fraud events, machine failures, customer churn, and more.

Topic / Keyword Extraction

Better manage all your text data. From emails to support tickets to legal documents with automatic labels and discoverable topics.

Text Categorization

Get text classification capabilities for sentiment analysis, email organization, spam detection, ticket routing, and others.

Recommendation Systems

Hyper-personalize your customer experience to improve discovery and boost revenues. Get recommendations of content, products, people, and more.   

Search Improvement

Improve the performance of your search and discovery capabilities.

ChatBot Development

Enhance your customer service operations with virtual AI assistants. Get assistants that can handle common customer support requests.

Select Case Studies

Select projects we’ve completed for our clients through NLP & Machine Learning consulting 

  • How We Increased Market Research Speed by 88%

    Learn how we help a market research company extract related concepts from Voice of Consumer data in their Consumer Behavior Modeling research.


  • Intelligent Data Analytics for Patient Experience Transformation

    Learn how Opinosis Analytics uses Text Analytics on patient feedback data to assist with patient experience transformation.


  • How We Improved AI Text Classification Accuracy By 60%

    How we improved text classification accuracy of 45 primary categories and 45,000 sub-categories for a legal tech outfit.


What is Natural Language Processing, and where do we come in?

Natural language processing, often referred to as NLP, is about helping computers understand human language. While this was the original academic definition, in the industry,  NLP is used to refer to any method that deals with the processing, analysis, and retrieval of any textual data—it doesn’t have to be spoken language.

Due to the messy, scattered, and unstructured nature of text data, it takes a wealth of NLP knowledge and the right thought process to get value from NLP initiatives. With our extensive experience in the field, years of teaching NLP to practitioners around the world, and helping clients with text data problems, we’ve mastered what it takes to get results from NLP projects.

From providing guidance around building text classification models to helping companies generate data for their NLP solutions, we’ve solved all types of problems for our clients.

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Industries We’ve Served

Some of the industries we’ve served with our NLP consulting work


NLP in Healthcare

We’ve worked with hospitals, vendors serving clinics and hospitals, and healthcare startups.


NLP in Manufacturing

We’ve worked with CPG companies, and parts manufacturing companies.

Internet / Technology

NLP in Technology

We’ve worked with e-commerce companies, SAAS companies, and software development companies.


NLP in Legal

We’ve worked with legal startups, and directly with attorneys.

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