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With over 18+ years of field expertise, we develop robust, scalable NLP/LLM solutions for the messiest of problems. We architect and design end-to-end solutions, perform rigorous quality assessments, and scale and fine-tune solutions to produce AI applications that stand the test of time.

Select NLP & ML Problems We Help With

Predictive Analytics

Predict future outcomes based on historical data. Predict fraud events, machine failures, customer churn, and more leveraging your own data. Decrease human errors, increase efficiency, and boost employee productivity. Linear regression models to Deep Neural Networks.

Prompt Engineering & Fine-Tuning

Find the best prompts and get fine-tuned models for your task. We craft prompts, fine-tune LLMs with additional data, and evaluate models against ground truth data for optimal accuracy. GPT-4, Cohere, Claude & more.

Information Extraction

Get highly targeted information extracted from PDF, raw text, word documents, and more. Reduce the amount of manual work needed in extracting all of the needed information and make your employees 10x more efficient.

Text Classification

Get text classification capabilities for sentiment analysis, email organization, spam detection, ticket routing, and others. From applications with little data to high volumes. BERT, BioBERT, Flan-T5, GPT-4, BART, and more.

Recommendation Systems

Get hyper-personalized and customized recommendations for content, products, people, and more. Improve content discovery, boost revenues, and increase platform stickiness. From content-based filtering, and collaborative filtering to LLM-based recommenders.

Topic/Tags Generation

Label your company documents, and pieces of text with characterizing keywords. Make documents more discoverable, content better organized, and reduce the time spent looking for “stuff” vs. using them.

RAG-Based Q&A Solutions & Semantic Search

Enable customers and employees to answer questions and complete tasks leveraging company-specific data. Integrate semantics to improve the performance of your search and discovery capabilities.

Chatbot Development

Get AI assistants that can field common customer questions, respond in natural language, and complete specific task requests.

Company-Specific Search & Retrieval

Get robust search systems for your company’s massive unstructured data sources. From PowerPoint to raw text. Reduce the number of emails going out to locate documents, high latencies in responding to customers, and lost documents.

Engagement Pathways for NLP, LLM & Machine Learning (ML) Consulting Services

Advisory, Strategy & Feasibility Assessment

Get your NLP idea developed with expert guidance.

With over 18 years of deep AI experience, we work with companies of various sizes to bring their AI ideas from concept to a working solution. We plan and design projects, review existing solutions, provide a feasibility assessment with or without prototyping, and provide sound ongoing support to guide you in your development.

Custom ML/NLP Model Design & Development

Get working prototypes developed by experts.

Perhaps you have an AI idea, but you don’t know if it will work. Or, you’re not sure how to go about its development. We assist by developing working solutions for a wide range of NLP, ML, and LLM problems that you can expand into an MVP for your company. From Q&A to summarization problems. From healthcare problems to government problems to the legal arena. We’ve worked in all sorts of domains.

Select Case Studies

Select projects we’ve completed for our clients through NLP & Machine Learning consulting 

  • How We Developed a Custom NLP Pipeline and Increased Market Research Speed by 88%

    Learn how we help a market research company extract related concepts from Voice of Consumer data in their Consumer Behavior Modeling research.


  • How We Used Text Mining and Intelligent Data Analytics in Patient Experience Transformation

    Learn how Opinosis Analytics uses Text Analytics on patient feedback data to assist with patient experience transformation.


  • How We Improved AI Text Classification Accuracy By 60%

    How we improved text classification accuracy of 45 primary categories and 45,000 sub-categories for a legal tech outfit.



Common questions about NLP, LLM and our Consulting Services

Natural language processing, often referred to as NLP, is about helping computers understand human language. While this was the original academic definition, in the industry,  NLP is used to refer to any method that deals with the processing, analysis, and retrieval of any textual data—it doesn’t have to be spoken language.

Due to the messy, scattered, and unstructured nature of text data, it takes a wealth of NLP knowledge and the right thought process to get value from NLP initiatives. With our extensive experience in the field, years of teaching NLP to practitioners around the world, and helping clients with text data problems, we’ve mastered what it takes to get results from NLP projects.

From providing guidance around building text classification models to helping companies generate data for their NLP solutions, we’ve solved all types of problems for our clients.

Get in touch to see how we can help with NLP consulting.

NLP is a broad field within AI encompassing the study and development of algorithms for processing natural language.

LLM or Large Language Models is a type of NLP application that can be used for tasks like text generation and specific task completion such as categorization and summarization. LLMs are trained on vast amounts of data, such as Web data, book corpus, Wikipedia, etc, resulting in powerful models that can be used for various language-related tasks. GPT-3, Cohere, and PaLM are examples of LLMs for commercial use cases.

Bottom line: LLMs are a subset of tools within the broader domain of NLP.

The LLM tools we use are highly task-dependent. But for previous clients, we’ve used tools such as BERT, BioBERT, T5, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and several others.

Absolutely not. It all depends on the problem at hand. There are many ways to realize the power of large language models. You can use it by prompting it to complete tasks or it can be used behind the scenes to help with downstream tasks within other NLP methods. Depending on the problem, you may not need LLMs at all. For example, surface-level keyword searches may not require LLMs behind the scenes. Certain recommendation systems can easily get away with traditional machine learning methods without any LLMs.

Bottom line: If the task at hand is relatively simple and doesn’t involve intricate language understanding, a smaller model or alternative approach might be more appropriate than a large language model. However, for complex NLP tasks, especially in diverse and large-scale datasets, leveraging the capabilities of an LLM can be helpful.

We often do fixed-fee pricing on projects, broken down into phases. All projects are custom-priced and fees vary by the nature of the project.

Our fee generally includes project management, AI expertise, and data science fee. Also as opposed to charging you by the hour, or month, you pay by the milestone, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Here’s a write-up about machine learning consulting fees.

Our domain experience spans healthcare, life sciences, legal, internet, SaaS, manufacturing, government, and e-commerce. A handful of companies we’ve worked with include McMaster-Carr, Verizon, 3M Health, Vyde Accounting Software, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Wiley, and LegalForce Trademarkia. We also support government agencies through AI/NLP subcontracts, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Veterans Affairs (VA) and more up and coming.

What People Say About Our Work

Select testimonials

I worked with Kavita after seeing her online portfolio to help my team navigate a complex Natural Language Processing project for risk identification.

Instead of sending us down a thousand different paths, Kavita helped us nail the scope of the project and provided targeted and sound technical guidance, keeping the project focused on the desired business outcomes.

She guided us through designing algorithms that actually worked and showed us how to frame various data science problems such that we were getting meaningful results out of the solutions. Kavita is patient, has depth and breadth of knowledge, and explains concepts in a way that even a non-technical person can understand. I would happily recommend Kavita to teams who want to leverage complex datasets to improve business outcomes

Taggart Grant, FounderPrecipice Research (AI Product Startup)

Kavita is able to understand the business goals and then apply and recommend the algorithms that would be most effective. She is also able to plan and estimate her work very well, which is very helpful and reassuring, especially when one is exploring unfamiliar territory.

Her work is of very high quality. Her communication skills are excellent and she is able to explain and support her work and her recommendations very well.

ai consulting, machine learning consulting, artificial intelligence consulting
Anupam Singh, President113 Industries

Industries We’ve Served

Some of the industries we’ve served with our NLP, LLM and Machine Learning consulting work


NLP & Machine Learning in Healthcare

We’ve worked with hospitals, vendors serving clinics, hospitals and big pharma to build models that extract, redact, and find specific information from highly unstructured data, intelligently integrate disparate data, and extract insights.


NLP & Machine Learning in Manufacturing

We’ve worked with CPG companies, and parts manufacturing companies to improve their AI deployment strategy, better evaluate models and perform online evaluation.


NLP & Machine Learning in Government Services

We’ve worked on NSF grants and civilian agency AI problems to optimize government operations and conduct cutting-edge research on specific topics.

Internet / Technology

NLP & Machine Learning in Technology

We’ve worked with e-commerce companies, SAAS companies, and software development companies to develop highly customized categorization engines, recommendation systems, search systems, chatbots and more.


NLP & Machine Learning in Legal

We’ve worked with legal startups, and directly with attorneys to better classify documents, extract pertinent information, and summarize large documents.


NLP & Machine Learning in Legal

We’ve worked with marketing agencies and market research companies to augment their workflow with AI.

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