A.I. Training and Workshops

Make an impact. Learn how to build working solutions for real problems.

With all the buzz around Artificial Intelligence knowing what to learn in order to build impactful A.I. solutions can be a challenge. We understand that companies need to automate workflows and build data-driven features FAST. With that in mind, our classes focus on the “how-to-do-it” along with “what-is-it” to help maximize what you get out of each class. We put great emphasis on practical applications and help connect the dots of how the solutions you develop can be integrated into existing products, services and workflows and all the speed-bumps that you should watch out for during planning and development.  

Stop wondering.
Start building.

Learn from experts in the field

Our instructors are well regarded data science practitioners with a track record of developing successful A.I. solutions for business use cases.

Solve real problems

We incorporate actual use-cases, examples and labs in our classes so you are ready to take on challenges at the workplace.

Get ongoing support & guidance

We provide ongoing support via consulting, coaching and our public forums and build a lasting relationship.

Select From Ongoing Classes

Hands-On Deep Learning for NLP

Start building deep learning models from scratch! This hands-on course will not only teach you how to build effective deep learning models for text related problems, but will also teach you how to leverage these models in cost effective ways to serve production traffic.

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Embracing Artificial Intelligence

What is A.I.? How to get into it? When should you embrace it? This non-technical course will walk you through the very basics of what A.I. is to when you should consider using A.I. in your department to the type of people you need to be hiring in order to...

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Hands-On Text Classification

In this hands-on class, you will learn the ins and outs of working with text data to build high accuracy text prediction models. Start tackling document categorization, document parsing, email classification and sentiment analysis problems with ease.

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Customize Your Classes

Customize classes based on needs. Topics we ARE EXPERTS AT:

Basics OF AI

How to get into A.I. and Machine Learning? What are the opportunities for A.I. in your domain? Ideal for managers, product manager and non-technical audiences.

Text Mining & NLP

How to effectively analyze and make sense of text data? Specific topics: topic modeling, topic extraction, text classification, summarization, clustering and deep learning for text. 


How to effectively leverage tools such as Gensim, NLTK, SpaCy and Spark for text mining, NLP and Machine Learning. Ideal for data scientists, software engineers and researchers. 

SEARCH & Recommendation systems

How to build search and recommendation systems from scratch? From basics to how to effectively evaluate these systems effectively. Ideal for data scientists and software engineers.