Enterprise Level AI Training & Workshops

Is your organization struggling to get a grasp of AI?

It’s understandable. AI is new in the business world. And its complexity doesn’t make it any easier for teams to know what knowledge to master and at what depth.

Executives don’t need to know the technical implementation details. But mid-managers should understand some of the technicalities that data scientists deal with daily.

Such nuanced training rarely comes prepackaged.

We train executives to consumers of AI to ensure the successful adoption of AI within the enterprise. Our AI training programs are tailored to the needs of different groups in the organization. This ensures that every team is equipped with the right information to collaboratively start putting AI into production systems and start reaping the benefits from it.

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Select AI Training Programs

AI For Executives

Who this is for:
This training is for senior leaders who need to improve their understanding of AI and spot & prioritize opportunities within the organization.

What it covers in brief:
The program starts with the very basics of AI, works its way up to industry-specific use cases, and ends with how to assess the success of AI initiatives. 

AI For Product Managers & Innovators

Who this is for:
This training is for all innovators in the organization who may manage AI initiatives. It can be your engineering managers, product managers, and domain experts.

What it covers in brief:
The program starts with the basics of AI but gets deep into the project management aspects of it.

AI Strategy Workshop

Who this is for:
This workshop is for AI strategy teams consisting of leaders, innovators, and data scientists.

What it covers in brief:
This hands-on workshop will equip AI strategy teams with the know-how to start building their short-term and long-term AI strategy.

At the end of this workshop, you would have developed a short-term AI strategy that you can start implementing right away.

AI for Executives or AI for Innovators

AI Cultural Training

Who this is for:
This is general AI training for your employees and customers.

What it covers in brief:
The program teaches what AI is at a high level, what to expect from it, and how it affects your employees or customers if they’re the consumers of AI.

This program ensures that the fears and uncertainties surrounding AI are addressed to avoid potential adoption risks. It also helps establish the right mindset for AI. 

“…Kavita is patient, has depth and breadth of knowledge, and explains concepts in a way that even a non-technical person can understand. I would happily recommend Kavita to teams who want to leverage complex datasets to improve business outcomes…”

Taggart Grant

Precipice Research

“…Kavita possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from her. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in Machine Learning and NLP execution.”

Nikhil Kulkharni


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do your training programs differ from courses offered by business schools?

One word—industry and context relevance. What they teach you in business school may be a breadth of knowledge. But, you need customized training for different groups of people. Every team shouldn’t be expected to have the same technical abilities as data scientists. Managers should know how to better manage AI initiatives. Executives should be able to spot AI opportunities in the organization, know what it takes to implement AI, and interpret success.

Our programs take industry relevance, team needs, and the technical baseline of teams into account. This ensures that every group within the enterprise is equipped with the right knowledge—to collaboratively start putting AI into production systems.

2. Do you also do technical training, such as training data scientists?

There are many pre-packaged data science courses on online platforms like Coursera and edX. Universities also offer data science specialization.

The benefit of customized training for technical employees is to get everyone up to speed on a certain topic. For example, becoming better at managing and evaluating AI projects. So the answer is yes, but not to cover the breadth of technical skills in data science but more to teach specific skills.

3. Do you offer coaching on top of training?

Yes, we work one-on-one with senior leaders, product/project managers, and engineering teams that need help. We work on a retainer basis to help solve some of the AI challenges in your organization.

4. How can we trust that we’re in good hands?

Our founder, Dr. Kavita Ganesan, has been doing AI long before it became the mainstream topic that it is today. She’s served many roles over the course of her career—from implementing AI and managing AI initiatives to advising companies on how to get started with AI. Such experience in the industry is rare. She’s also been teaching data scientists extensively with her blog (over 14K readers a month).

The point is, all our programs are developed from such vast experience. And our goal is always to get you results and clarity. It’s never to confuse you with hype. But if you have any doubts, we can always point you to our references.

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Kavita Ganesan

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