AI Strategy Consulting

Take the guesswork out of your AI initiatives.

We work closely with you to provide focused guidance so that you can become successful in your AI initiatives.

We help with planning, product vision refinement, solution design, guidance with model development,  hiring and more.

We’ve successfully helped senior leadership, product managers as well as engineering teams to move AI initiatives from planning to execution to reaping the benefits of AI.

One reason for this is just plain confusion on what A.I. is and what it can do. Get help early on to maximize your chances of success!

How AI strategy consulting works?

Executive AI Strategy

Our executive AI strategy consulting is a mix of technical and non-technical advise and co-planning. It involves guidance around AI initiative planning, metrics for measuring success, build or buy decisions, hiring and vendor selection. With this program, we ensure that you’re on-track to making meaningful and lasting progress for years to come. 

How the engagement works?

  • Goal focused, fully customized consulting plan 
  • On-going 1-1 calls
  • Guided decision making
  • Co-planning and brainstorming sessions
  • Educational sessions to fill knowledge gaps

Technical AI Strategy

With technical AI strategy consulting, we’re your technical advisors. We provide 1-1 guidance from zero to a working machine learning or natural language processing solution or improvement of legacy systems. With our technical AI consulting, we ensure that you make progress from conception of your idea up to deployment.


How the engagement works?

  • Goal focused, fully customized consulting plan 
  • Ongoing algorithm design, review & feedback 
  • Customized solutions implemented as needed
  • On-going 1-1 calls; Get questions answered, plans refined
  • Pointers to relevant code samples, tools and pseudocode


Why work with us?

We bring clarity to your ideas

We help refine and reframe ideas to make them feasible.

We speak in simple language

We understand that not everyone needs to know AI jargon.

We focus on results

We solve problems with strategies that yields results.

We leverage our experience

We leverage a decades worth of knowledge & execution in AI.

Ready to put AI strategy consulting to work for you?

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