Get predictable AI results with our experience-driven strategies.

We develop working AI strategies for teams by leveraging our 15 years+ of field expertise. We know what works, what’s hype, and which opportunities to capitalize on aggressively. From custom AI products to an AI readiness plan.

Take the guesswork out of implementing AI.

Without a deep knowledge of how AI works and what it can and cannot do, finding and navigating AI initiatives to solve business problems can be challenging.

Questions we often hear include:

  • How do we know which business problems could or should use AI?
  • How do we get started with data collection for AI development?
  • How do you measure the value of an AI project?
  • Are there off-the-shelf AI solutions for my AI problem?
  • Should I buy, build a data science team or outsource?

Unfortunately, the answers are context-dependent. One wrong move and you could be facing a temporary setback, and this is where our AI strategy consulting comes in.

Using our years of field expertise, we work with your team and chart a clear path toward reaching your goals. Whether you’re struggling with company-wide AI planning or a single AI initiative planning, we’ll coach you to get where you want to go.

ai strategy consulting

Custom AI Strategy/Guidance For Your Business

Our select AI strategy and guidance services

Data Strategy for AI & Analytics

Start with AI using a strong data foundation.

Need a comprehensive data collection plan for a series of AI initiatives? Or just for a single project? Data is at the foundation of all AI initiatives, and we will ensure that you’re collecting not just the right type of data but also high-quality data that you can repeatedly use, with strategies for countering bias.

AI Opportunity Analysis

Unveil the lucrative AI opportunities in your business.

You know your company needs AI, but you don’t know how to get started. We use a unique process in working with companies new to AI. We use a two-prong approach to help surface lucrative AI opportunities to improve process inefficiencies and optimize decision-making, followed by a guided implementation plan.

AI Product Strategy

Develop an AI product/system that you’ve always envisioned.

Not sure how to get started with a new AI idea? Need help designing your AI product? Having worked with dozens of AI product teams and startups, we know how to bring AI ideas to fruition. We’ll work with you to understand your product goals and help you navigate the initiative from a concept through deployment.

AI Readiness Gaps Analysis

Become an AI-capable company by laying the foundational blocks.

Do you aspire to become an AI-capable company? AI adoption for the long term takes work—from getting data collection started to preparing your team or company culturally. We work with you to identify AI readiness gaps and develop a custom plan for filling those gaps using short-term, measurable strides.

Case Studies

Select case studies from our AI strategy work

How We Improved Search & AI Evaluation for an E-Commerce Company

Learn how we helped a large e-commerce company get a better grasp of their search metrics, evaluate machine learning models, and evaluate the impact of machine learning on sales.

How We Discovered Promising AI Opportunities for Customer Service Optimization

Learn how we helped the customer service department of a mid-sized internet company gain insights into where AI can help streamline processes along with an implementation plan.

What People Say About Our Work

Select testimonials

I worked with Kavita after seeing her online portfolio to help my team navigate a complex Natural Language Processing project for risk identification.

Instead of sending us down a thousand different paths, Kavita helped us nail the scope of the project and provided targeted and sound technical guidance, keeping the project focused on the desired business outcomes.

She guided us through designing algorithms that actually worked and showed us how to frame various data science problems such that we were getting meaningful results out of the solutions. Kavita is patient, has depth and breadth of knowledge, and explains concepts in a way that even a non-technical person can understand. I would happily recommend Kavita to teams who want to leverage complex datasets to improve business outcomes

Taggart Grant, FounderPrecipice Research (AI Product Startup)

Kavita is able to understand the business goals and then apply and recommend the algorithms that would be most effective. She is also able to plan and estimate her work very well, which is very helpful and reassuring, especially when one is exploring unfamiliar territory.

Her work is of very high quality. Her communication skills are excellent and she is able to explain and support her work and her recommendations very well.

ai consulting, machine learning consulting, artificial intelligence consulting
Anupam Singh, President113 Industries

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