AI & NLP Solution Implementation

Bring your A.I. vision to life.

Are you struggling to implement working solutions for complex A.I. and NLP problems?  We can help you develop robust, scalable solutions for the messiest of tasks. 

How can we help you?

Predictive Analytics

Predict future outcomes based on historical data. Get unmatched accuracy with predictive models that combine complex unstructured data with structured data.

Document Categorization

Get high-accuracy text prediction models for sentiment prediction, email categorization, spam detection, paragraph detection, information extraction and more.

Topic Modeling & Extraction

Better manage all your text data from emails to support tickets to legal documents with automatic labels and discoverable topics.

Market Research

Perform data-driven market research. We help analyze large amounts of scientific articles, blogs and patents to help you uncover hidden relationships, important concepts, scientific evidence and more.  

Customer Insights

Understand what customers think about your brand. Get insights into key complaints, areas you are excelling at, customer wish list, sentiment trends and more.

Dataset Creation

Get beautiful usable datasets from messy unstructured data. We clean, extract, reformat and output usable data in your desired format, right from json to csv.

The best A.I. solutions are not the ones you hear about the most, the ones that solve a problem with adherence to cost and infrastructure constraints...

Why partner with us?

Value focused

We are not here to push the coolest technology to you. We are here to solve your problem with the right tools and techniques. We take great pride in developing solutions that you can easily manage, scales with your organization and lasts for years to come.

Highly experienced

Our experts have been solving Artificial Intelligence and Data Science problems even before it became one of the most talked about topics in technology. We have published over 20 peer-reviewed articles in the field and have developed industry scale A.I. solutions for various organizations.

Trusted by the community

We are authors of some widely adopted tools and tutorials in the field, of which some have become standard reference material in the Data Science world. Our method of sharing knowledge is to forget the hype and focus on the substance.

What our clients say:

Dr. Ganesan’s knowledge of Natural Language Processing and text mining methodologies and their application to solve real world problems is very impressive. She is able to understand the business goals and then apply the algorithms that would be most effective.
Anupam Singh
President, 113 Industries
I have worked with numerous qualified engineers and designers. Kavita stands out due to her technical ability, her proactive and creative approach to algorithm development, and her character and interpersonal skills. I highly recommend her services to your organization.
Fritz Morris
CEO, Brightmind

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