Intelligent Data Analytics with Machine Learning & NLP


Super charge your decision-making with intelligent data analytics

Unstructured data makes up 80% or more of enterprise data. Unfortunately, only a small sliver of that data is currently used for any sort of decision-making.

By adding a layer of AI, namely machine learning and natural language processing, you can turn complex unstructured datasets into a decision-making powerhouse.

With our extensive knowledge in machine learning and natural language processing, we can help you gain deep insights from search logs, customer comments, chat bot conversations, call center transcripts and more.

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How we help with intelligent data analytics?

Sentiment Analysis

Gain insights into customer pain points and source of dissatisfaction and make sound business decisions. Learn what makes customers tick, buy and churn leveraging large amounts of unstructured data.

Search Log Analysis

Looking to improve your search experience? Or want to better understand your customers? Search logs can provide a window into what customers really want and how they look for it. Customize your insights based on your goals.

Information Extraction

Are you looking for specific information from large volumes of text data? We work extensively with big data and know how to process and extract very specific information. Use extracted information for academic research, market research, legal research (e-discovery) and more.

Customer Segmentation

Micro-segment your customers in creative ways. Are your customers detractors or promoters based on how they speak about your products and services? Are they students, self-employed or work for corporations? Use these insights to fine-tune your marketing.

How we do it?

  • We work with you to understand your business goals and priorities.
  • We get an understanding of your data sources
  • We come up with an analysis plan to get you the insights that will make the most impact based on your goals.
  • We acquire, extract, clean and prepare all the data sources for augmented analytics
  • We use a combination of our in-house natural language processing and machine learning tools and custom built tools to extract meaning from your data. We then separate signal from noise and compile highly meaningful summaries. 

Results from our analysis can be delivered in several ways :

  • An easy to follow electronic report 
  • A summary presentation to decision makers
  • Integration into your analytics pipeline
  • For companies needing recurring insights from our augmented analytics, we repeat the process on an agreed upon schedule.

Why partner with us?

Insights for Influence

We don't just generate graphs or run tools and models on data. We have mastered the art of analyzing the results, differentiating signal from noise and turning our analysis into meaningful language so that business can start acting on these insights.

Big, Messy Data Expertise

We understand the complexity around analyzing unstructured data. Our deep text analytics & natural language processing experience comes from publishing over 20 peer-reviewed articles in the field and driving large scale AI projects for companies.

Ready to put intelligent data analytics to work for you?

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