Don't just solve any problem with AI.

With all the hype around AI, companies fall into the trap of using AI where it’s not needed or using AI for the sake of it. This results in failed initiatives, unclear ROI and wasted resources.

We prevent this by helping you find the low hanging fruits for AI-driven automation with the most impact. If you think your company, product or workflow can benefit from AI, you must verify its potential before you jump right it.

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The hype is real—40% of European startups classified
as AI companies, don’t actually use AI

Data from a survey conducted by a London venture capital firm

How AI opportunity analysis works?

We study your processes, assess your data, score potential projects and identify areas where you should be investing in.  This can be a company level initiative or a product or workflow level effort.

Some of the work we do as part of this service includes:

  • Interviews 
  • Data assessment
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Impact analysis
  • Project scoring & prioritization
  • Buy or build recommendation

Why work with us?

We focus on impact

We help you pick problems that have the biggest impact.

We speak in simple language

We understand that not everyone needs to know AI jargon.

We educate, educate & educate

We help you understand the risks, gaps, impact & more.

We leverage our experience

We leverage a decades worth of knowledge & execution in AI.

Ready to put AI to work for your business?

Make a plan and understand your ROI before you start implementing AI. 
Don’t fall into the trap most companies fall into. 
Take the first step—Get in touch today.

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