We Analyze Your Free-Text Survey Responses

From employee engagement surveys to patient satisfaction surveys our Text Analytics experts can analyze them all.

Focus on the decision making, not the text analysis

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  • Immediately see emerging patterns in customer or employee needs from thousands of survey responses
  • Visualize results by departments, location or facets of your choice
  • Our expert summary adds a narrative to help you understand the story in your text responses
  • Track progress every year or quarter using our comparative analysis services
  • Get interactive reports, slides or pdfs that you can customize for leadership meetings, company all-hands and more!
  • All-in-one service instead of a software and a data scientist to analyze your results

How it works?

We work with you to understand your specific needs.

Data to be analyzed is transmitted securely to the Opinosis Analytics team.

Our NLP experts preprocess, crunch and analyze your data to discover hidden patterns.

You will receive a comprehensive report (interactive, pdf or slides ) describing all findings in an easy to understand format. 

Why partner with us?

Customization & Accuracy

We use techniques and analysis that are customized for your type of data and survey questions to provide results that are accurate and meaningful to your survey questions.

Insights for Influence

We don't just perform the text analysis, we also interpret and provide expert analysis of the results, making it easy for you to start acting on our insights. We have mastered the art of separating signal from noise and turning our analysis into meaningful language that will help you drive business decisions.

10+ Years of Experience

We understand the complexities around analyzing unstructured texts. We have solved a decades worth of text mining & NLP problems and have published over 20 peer reviewed articles in the field.

What’s in your survey responses, do you know?