How we use Natural Language Processing for market research?

How we use Natural Language Processing for market research?


The Problem

In order for companies to innovate, build new product lines and understand the effects of certain product groups and chemical interactions, manual analysis of scientific articles is typically needed. Researchers scan the articles to find evidence of effectiveness of certain ingredients, adverse reactions and other unexpected benefits so that they can not only build new products that are effective, but also as a way to market the fact that the ingredients or chemical constituents in their products are in fact superior.

Unfortunately, manual research can be very time consuming. This has led market researchers to seek automated methods for improving their analysis process which includes Simple Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to help speed up their work.


Our Approach

We help researchers gain deep insights into a large number of scientific articles and web documents through automated analysis of the texts in these articles. We leverage techniques from Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Mining in order to achieve this. More specifically, this how we do it :

  1. We clean and standardize all the scientific articles that are to be “read” so that it is ready for text analysis.
  2. Using NLP and A.I. methods, we find relevant texts based on the needs of our clients. This can be effectiveness of studies involving a certain chemical, adverse reactions and benefits of certain ingredients and so on.
  3. We then synthesize and organize all these extracted texts for ease of analysis by categories and topics.
  4. Next, we provide clean, actionable results back to our clients.
  5. We repeat this process, for their next study and customize where needed.



From these automated market research projects, our clients have been able to:

  • Understand effectiveness of studies, ingredients and chemical constituents, adverse reactions and more from hundreds if not thousands of relevant scientific articles in a matter of days instead of months as they were previously subjected to.
  • Methodically invent new or improve upon product lines using the automated research information, without having to re-read scientific articles over and over again for new insights.



If you are interested in NLP based market research, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.