Our Work

Below you’ll find AI case studies and testimonials from some of the work we’ve done for clients.

Case Studies

How We Improved AI Text Classification Accuracy By 60%

How we improved text classification accuracy of 45 primary categories and 45,000 sub-categories for a legal tech outfit.

How We Increased Market Research Speed by 88%

Learn how we help a market research company extract related concepts from Voice of Consumer data in their Consumer Behavior Modeling research.

How We Use Text Analytics for Patient Experience Transformation

Learn how Opinosis Analytics uses Text Analytics on patient feedback data to assist with patient experience transformation.

Client Testimonials

113 Industries: AI in Market Research

113 Industries helps leading Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo and Ocean Spray innovate. We worked with them to accelerate their social media research workflow with AI automation. We designed and implemented a Natural Language Processing solution that was very specific to their needs. Here’s what the President of 113 Industries has to say…

Brightmind: AI in EdTech

We worked with Brightmind for a period of one year. We provided ongoing team level coaching to help Brightmind develop their proof-of-concept AI system in the e-learning space. “Dr. Ganesan’s capacity exceeded my expectations. She set the standard for subsequent data science and AI experts due to her uncompromising approach to the work and her desire to constantly improve the product”.

Precipice Research: AI in Legal Tech

Learn how we help a legal tech company through AI strategy consulting and advisory. “Instead of sending us down a thousand different paths, Kavita helped us nail the scope of the project and provided targeted and sound technical guidance, keeping the project focused on the desired business outcomes”.

Trademarkia: AI in Legal Tech

LegalForce Trademarkia, is the largest free trademark search engine. We worked with them to help improve their automatic classification of trademark applications. Here’s what the CTO of Trademarkia has to say…
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