Machine Learning Consulting: Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get questions about how our machine learning consulting / AI consulting works, associated fees, and the type of work we do. This FAQ is intended to answer some of the general questions so that you’re well-informed before you engage our services.

If you have questions that are not answered by this FAQ, of course, feel free to contact us directly. Even if you’re not looking for help right now, we have no problems answering questions.

How are you different from other ML consultants?

First of all, we’ve been doing AI long before it became a hot topic in the business world. So we have a lot more first-hand experience (both in industry and academia) than many of the newer companies or consultants who are just dipping their feet into AI.

Plus, to get AI to really work for your business, it’s not just about building models. You have to be strategic about what you build, how you do it, and how you evaluate success. There’s a heavy management and strategic decision-making aspect to AI, which we’ve mastered through the years by managing and doing AI.

We’ve been able to extract our experience and codify that as frameworks and steps to follow as you will see in many of our blog articles and our AI book.

Further, while many consultants will keenly do the work they’re asked to do, we focus on the clarity and purpose of every AI initiative to get you results. With this, both parties (client and consultant) will understand the results you’re organization is looking to achieve and the pain points you’re attempting to address. While this may seem like we’re blowing our own trumpet, our approach has worked for dozens of clients.

What type of AI consulting services do you offer?

We help develop the AI capabilities of clients at different stages of their AI journey.

If you’re in the beginning stages of AI, we offer AI training for business leaders and executives, AI transformation services, AI strategy development, AI opportunity analysis and we help you pilot AI for specific initiatives.

If your organization is already familiar with AI or has models in production, we help with model optimization, prototype development, metrics set up, and we help evaluate the success of AI initiatives. For some of these services, we primarily coach and you do the work. For some, such as prototype development we do some of the preliminary work, and you extend and integrate it into your workflow.

We also help companies leverage their text data for decision-making through intelligent data analytics.

Do you focus on specific technical areas in AI?

In terms of technical specialization, we are experts in NLP, Search Technologies, and Machine Learning. Some of the work we’ve done over the years include:

  • Develop and optimize recommendation engines
  • Insights extraction from surveys, user reviews and different types of free-form text data
  • Search log analysis
  • Search relevance optimization
  • Speech-to-text model improvements
  • Text/document classification development and optimization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Keyword/topic extraction
  • Synonym database development

What is your ML or Data Science consulting fee?

Our consulting fee varies by type of work. Here’s a rough estimate of how much we charge:

Type of workFee (USD)
Hands-On Work
(e.g., Prototyping, Model Optimization)
$250-$350 an hour (~$2400/day)
Minimum project size: $10,000
Advisory WorkDepends on team/company size and engagement model
One Time Strategy Session$450-$650—for a 1 hour session
Machine Learning / AI Consulting Fee Estimates

For other types of engagement, please contact us for a fee estimate.

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