HI-AI Discovery Framework: I2R2 Scoring Guidelines

I1-Implementation Readiness

You’ll know if your initiative is ready for implementation through the verification step. Check your data and feasibility notes.

ScoreWhat the score captures
5We can for sure solve this problem with AI
3We can solve this problem with AI provided we work through some known issues
1There are other easier solutions for this problem, but we can still use AI if we so choose
0We should not be using AI for this problem ==> results in a 0 score


How big is the impact from the initiative? Analyze your framed PAIs.
Example: Improvement in customer support response times affects all of our users ==> big impact

ScoreWhat the score captures
5It impacts a large group of users, affects multiple aspects of the organization, or provides sizable revenue boost
3It impacts a small set of users, impacts a small part of our organization, or provides a modest revenue boost
1Negligible impact

R1-ROAI Clarity

Do you know how you’ll measure business impact for the initiative? Are the metrics to measure ROAI clear? What’s the expected ROAI?

ScoreTentative metrics in place expected ROAI yet to be defined or no baseline readings
5Metrics clear, expected ROAI defined & baseline readings available
3Tentative metrics in place, expected ROAI yet to be defined or no baseline readings
1We still need to work through determining how to measure ROAI

R2-Project Risk

What’s the risk involved if the project fails?
Example 1: Will affect our funding potential on failure, high risk
Example 2: Will delay launch of our new feature on failure, moderate risk
Example 3: We can keep using our old method on failure, low risk

ScoreWhat score captures
5Low Risk
3Moderate Risk 
1High Risk
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