Professional Text Analysis of Patient Comments

Save time from reading thousands of patient comments. Let the data experts analyze & summarize them for you.

Do you know that free-text patient comments can give you valuable insights into safety & operational problems in your hospital and clinics?

Unfortunately, hospital administrators don't always have the time to read and track each and every comment. This leaves behind unresolved issues which can later hurt your organization as patients leave your practice in search of a better experience.

We are Text Analytics experts who analyze and summarize your patient comments on a regular cadence to surface top patient complaints, service issues, areas of excellence and more. We help you focus on managing your patient experience and not the text analysis.

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Why partner with us?

Depth of Text Analytics Knowledge

We understand the complexities around analyzing unstructured text. Our NLP and Text Analysis expertise comes from solving over a decade's worth of text mining and NLP problems in different industries as well as publishing over 20 peer reviewed articles in the field.

Customization for Patient Comments

Out-of-the-box text analysis software programs are highly generalized and often inaccurate for specialized domains. We perform text analysis customized for patient comments, making our analysis much more detailed, accurate and actionable.

Insights for Rapid Decision Making

We don't just perform the data analysis, we also interpret and summarize the results. We have mastered the art of differentiating signal from noise and turning our analysis into meaningful language so that you can start acting on these insights immediately!

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