Brightmind: AI in EdTech

Domain: AI in EdTech
Services: Technical AI Strategy Consulting / Coaching

We worked with Brightmind for a period of one year. We provided ongoing team level coaching to help Brightmind develop their proof-of-concept AI system in the e-learning space. They started with an idea and by the end of the engagement, they had a working prototype. Here’s what the CEO of Brightmind has to say :

Dr. Ganesan was our A.I. consultant during our first year of development. Dr. Ganesan’s algorithm design and product leadership during a formative phase catalyzed the development of content and recommendation algorithms that help to power our platform.

This enables us to more effectively fulfill the promise of value to our customers. Moreover, Kavita’s contributions helped to successfully prove the feasibility of our product vision to investors and other stakeholders.

Creating the algorithms required sophisticated understanding of text analysis, data mining, NLP, and machine learning, and contextual appreciation for the limitations and potential of existing methodologies.

Dr. Ganesan’s capacity exceeded my expectations. She set the standard for subsequent data science and AI experts due to her uncompromising approach to the work and her desire to constantly improve the product.

Dr. Ganesan also displayed exceptional interpersonal and team skills. For instance, in making her recommendations regarding algorithm development, Kavita took the time to fully explain ideas in context of existing designs and communicated effectively with all team members. I enjoyed having her on our team.

In my work as a software executive, I have worked with numerous qualified engineers and designers. Kavita stands out due to her technical ability, her proactive and creative approach to algorithm development, and her character and interpersonal skills.


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