the business case for AI

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Become strategic in your AI thinking, apply best practices from the field & maximize your chances of AI success. Go from “experimenting with AI” to getting measurable outcomes from every initiative.

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…Whether your organization is new to AI or you’ve tried AI without much success, this book will equip leaders in making critical decisions in their AI journey…




Kavita Ganesan has written a must-read for leaders looking to succeed with AI in the enterprise. Kavita’s writing style makes a deeply technical topic accessible to every leader, from the C-suite to product managers. If you’re interested in learning what AI can do, how to prepare for it and correctly leverage it in your organization, start with this book.
The Business Case for AI provides answers to some of the most important questions in the adoption of AI. 
A practical guide for any leader looking to dip their foot into AI—full of important information for those of us who want to learn the myths, realities, and possibilities of AI so we can apply them to our own domain. 

The Business Case For AI

A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies, Best Practices & Real-World Applications

About the Book

Doing AI right is not easy. It takes preparation at different levels of the organization, the right mindset, and the right problems for positive outcomes. This makes it hard for leaders to know where to start. Should they master the technical jargon or high-level know-how? Should they launch AI initiatives today or wait until they’re fully ready? 

In this practical guide for business leaders, Kavita Ganesan takes the mystery out of implementing AI, showing you how to launch AI initiatives that get results. With real-world AI examples to spark your own ideas, you’ll learn how to identify high-impact AI opportunities, prepare for AI transitions, and measure your AI performance.

Simple and compelling, The Business Case for AI gives leaders the information they need without the technical jargon. Whether you want to jumpstart your AI strategy, manage your AI initiatives for better outcomes, or simply find inspiration for your own AI applications, The Business Case for AI is your blueprint for AI success.

Some of the topics Kavita discusses include:
  • Real-world AI applications
  • What is AI (specifically, Business AI)
  • Myths, misconceptions & risks in implementing AI
  • The 5 pillars of AI preparation
  • The Jumpstart AI approach to developing your AI strategy
  • The HI-AI Discovery Framework to find promising AI opportunities
  • The 3 pillars for measuring AI success
  • And more throughout the book…

* Download the first three chapters of the book and get ideas on how your organization can benefit from AI.

Who’s Using The Business Case For AI?

The Business Case For AI is shaping the AI strategy of companies and business courses worldwide.
Leaders from select organizations and university programs using the book:

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Meet the Author, Kavita Ganesan

Kavita Ganesan is an internationally recognized, award-winning author of The Business Case for AI. She’s also the founder of Opinosis Analytics, an AI strategy and consulting company.

Kavita has helped deliver numerous successful AI initiatives for midsize operations to Fortune 500 companies. On top of serving in advisory roles, Kavita has been involved in developing AI transformation plans, designing complex AI and GenAI systems, and teaching corporations best practices from the field.

Kavita holds graduate degrees from top computer science programs in the US—specifically, a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign–specializing in applied AI, NLP, and search technologies.

With over fifteen years of experience, parts in the trenches, and then out of it to advise leaders and teams, Kavita has seen a range of problems in practical applications of AI, leading to failed and canceled initiatives. Kavita’s mission is to change the status quo. She aims to see many more wins in the adoption of AI through mindset changes, sound strategies, and education.

To learn more about Kavita, visit Finally, if you’re not already connected with Kavita on LinkedIn, you can do so here.


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