Jumpstart AI: Workshops That Transform Your Organization’s AI Thinking to Accelerate Productivity Improvement — Cost Effectively

Go from just “experimenting with AI” to achieving meaningful outcomes from every initiative

Jumpstart AI Workshop Focus

With our Jumpstart AI workshops, instead of treating AI as an academic concept,
we treat AI as a business strategy with a clear two-pronged approach.

Mindset & Knowledge

We address critical AI knowledge gaps from a business context and present them in highly relatable terms.

Frameworks & Strategies

We provide repeatable frameworks & strategies for all tiers of the organization to leverage and collaborate on.

Popular Workshop Themes



An introductory workshop where participants will learn what AI is and isn’t, its benefits to a business (including real-world use cases), and the dangers and risks that it presents. An entry point into more advanced workshops.



Master robust frameworks to discover AI opportunities within workflows and legacy software, and frame initiatives to enforce measurability. You’ll also leave with complete know-how to measure AI ROI with a practical and balanced approach.  



Learn the art of developing an actionable AI strategy tailored to your organization’s unique challenges. You’ll learn the pillars of AI preparation, create a long-term vision, and start short-term planning. By the end of the workshop, you’ll leave with a partial AI strategy, that you’ll build on long after the workshop.   

Workshop Structure


Our workshops are designed to be relevant to your business problems and industry. The context will help spark ideas that are realistic and accelerate the mindset changes needed to see success with AI.


Our clients span the globe. While most of our workshops have been in a virtual live format, we also teach in-person workshops for specific events, especially for keynote talks and conference events.


While the theory is available in books, our workshops are not meant to replicate books. The full-day workshops are highly hands-on and discussion-oriented.

Workshop Benefits

These are a few direct outcomes of our workshops:

  • Increase in AI initiative alignment between senior leaders, tech teams, and process owners.
  • Ability to distinguish AI opportunities from simple software automation.
  • Ability to eliminate low-impact AI opportunities from consideration.
  • Alignment of AI initiatives with long-term business goals.
  • Quick articulation of metrics to measure AI success

Select Organizations We’ve Worked With

Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Kavita Ganesan is an internationally recognized, award-winning, author of The Business Case for AI: A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies Best Practices & Real-World Applications. She’s also the founder of Opinosis Analytics, an AI consulting, training, and data science company. 

With over 18 years of AI experience, Kavita has helped deliver numerous successful AI initiatives for Fortune 500 companies as well as midsize operations to newly funded AI startups. She has also taught hundreds of business leaders at top universities in the US and Australia and at corporate events around the world. Kavita is well-known for her crisp and highly intuitive teaching style.

Kavita holds graduate degrees from top computer science programs—specifically, a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign specializing in AI, Search, and NLP technologies. She has been featured by numerous media outlets including Forbes, TechTarget, Venture Beat, Verizon, CIOReview, SDTimes, Techopedia, and CEOWorld to name a few, and has appeared as a guest expert on over 20 podcasts.

Kavita’s AI book has also been highly recommended by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. To learn more about Kavita, visit www.kavita-ganesan.com and to learn more about Kavita’s book, visit: aibusinesscasebook.com.

The Business Case For AI: A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies, Best Practices & Real-world Applications.

“One of the best reads in the last 12 months” 
Johannes Walzik, Global Head of Digital Transformation, Siemens Energy


Two words—customized and hands-on. What they teach you in business school may be a breadth of theoretical knowledge spanning industries. But what you need to get AI off the ground is training customized to your business and YOUR audience.   

Further, every team shouldn’t be expected to have the same technical abilities as data scientists. Our programs take industry relevance, team needs, and the technical baseline of teams into account. This ensures that every group within the company is equipped with the right knowledge to start putting AI into practice.

Yes, we work directly with teams in developing their AI strategy and finding high-impact AI opportunities. We also design and develop cutting-edge AI solutions for specific clients with clear AI needs.

Our founder, Dr. Kavita Ganesan, has been doing AI long before it became the mainstream topic that it is today. She’s served in many roles throughout her career—from doing highly technical AI research and implementing and managing AI initiatives for real-world applications to advising companies on how to get started with AI. Such experience in the industry is rare.

She’s also been teaching data scientists extensively with her blog. The mix of deep technical skills and a strong business sense has allowed her to develop frameworks, methods, and thinking that act as a bridge between what’s possible and what’s truly needed from a business perspective.

The point is, that all our programs are developed from such vast experience and our goal is to ensure you get the desired outcomes. It’s never to confuse you with hype. Our benchmark of success is when our clients succeed. But if you have any doubts, we can always point you to our references.

Our workshops start at USD 10,000. The final fee will be based on the level of customization, the number of additional modules to include, the number of sessions, and the duration.

Feeback About Our AI Transformation Workshops

“The frameworks presented are practical for use in real scenarios”

In Kavita’s workshops, the business case for AI is successfully broken down into manageable elements. The frameworks presented are practical for use in real scenarios without the need for advanced technical know-how. A key takeaway is the ability to demystify what AI is and isn’t suited for, and to present new ideas to key stakeholders within a business setting.
Supply Chain Manager @ Ferrero

“Both workshops were extremely well received.”

Kavita delivered two dynamic workshops on AI opportunity identification and AI strategy development as part our micro-credential on data science and AI for supply chain managers and analysts. Her use of real-world case studies enhanced the learning experience for participants and encouraged discussion and reflection throughout each workshop. Both workshops were extremely well received. Participants left the workshops excited about their ability to apply the frameworks and tools in the context of their own business environments.
Jyoti Bhattacharjya
Lecturer in Sustainable Procurement and Digital Supply Chain Initiatives at The University of Sydney

Ready for True AI Transformation?

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Please describe your workshop goals and other details that can help with discussions (e.g., duration, number of participants, date, etc).

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