We work with technical and non-technical teams across the enterprise to get teams results from their AI initiatives. Whether it’s improving the understanding of the C-suite or optimizing models, we have deep AI knowledge to put teams on the path to success. And, we’ve done this time and time again. Our services include consulting, training, and custom solution development for NLP and text mining problems.

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Kavita Ganesan. I’m on a mission to help companies get meaningful outcomes from AI.

Having been in the field for over 15 years, I’ve seen that the top reason AI initiatives fail is when leaders have the wrong expectations from AI. Leaders want incredible results from AI—fast. 

Unfortunately, AI takes preparation, strategic thinking, and the right problems for meaningful outcomes. I help bridge the expectations gap through consulting, training, practical strategies, and custom solutions. And throughout my journey with clients, I focus on clarity and purpose to get them the best results from their AI investments.

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