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After witnessing and hearing of multiple failed AI projects, often completely avoidable with simple improvements in organizational strategy, I knew there was a better way to do AI for businesses. I saw problems caused by both well-intentioned machine learning professionals who lacked critical business understanding, as well as apprehensive executives feeling overwhelmed when it came to leading AI transformations. Engineers would often steam ahead creating complex and expensive solutions that often couldn’t be shipped. The leaders would often struggle to deliver growth for their organization because they didn’t feel comfortable navigating AI.

With AI becoming more accessible, these same scenes are playing out across thousands of organizations today. It was as clear to me then as it is now, that if AI ever wanted to reach its maximum business potential, then the way we did AI had to change, and so Opinosis Analytics was born. At Opinosis Analytics, we focus on one key thing: that’s meaningful outcomes.

Whether it’s outcomes at the planning level or the implementation level, we focus on direction, strategy, and speed. Would you rather experiment with new-age AI tools that may or may not work OR get ahead of the curve and implement the most production-worthy solutions that fit the budget and get you results? We help you answer such questions and beyond as you’re engaging with us.

At Opinosis Analytics, we’re changing the status quo of AI in business. From AI remaining as a thought experiment, or a series of pet projects we’re moving solutions into production systems day in and out through our work. We’ve helped companies find the right opportunities, aggressively pursue high-impact AI opportunities, implement scalable AI solutions, and increase company-wide AI understanding. To learn more about how we can help, visit our main AI consulting page.

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The Value We Bring to Your Organization

In Our Customers Own Words…

Understands Business Goals

Dr. Ganesan’s knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text mining methodologies and their application to solve real world problems is very impressive. She is able to understand the business goals and then apply and recommend the algorithms that would be most effective. She is also able to plan and estimate her work very well, which is very helpful and reassuring, especially when one is exploring an unfamiliar territory. Her work is of very high quality. Her communication skills are excellent and she is able to explain and support her work and her recommendations very well.
President of 113 Industries

High AI Implementation Standards

Dr. Ganesan’s capacity exceeded my expectations. She set the standard for subsequent data science and AI experts due to her uncompromising approach to the work and her desire to constantly improve the product.
Dr. Ganesan also displayed exceptional interpersonal and team skills. For instance, in making her recommendations regarding algorithm development, Kavita took the time to fully explain ideas in the context of existing designs and communicated effectively with all team members.
I enjoyed having her on our team. In my work as a software executive, I have worked with numerous qualified engineers and designers. Kavita stands out due to her technical ability, her proactive and creative approach to algorithm development, and her character and interpersonal skills.
CEO of BrightMind

Meet Kavita Ganesan, Founder of Opinosis Analytics

From the Founder

Hi, I’m Kavita Ganesan, an award-winning AI author, strategic advisor, educator, and founder of Opinosis Analytics. My passion is working with senior management teams and teams across the enterprise to help them effectively integrate AI and develop robust scalable solutions that stand the test of time.

With over 18 years of experience, I’ve scaled and delivered multiple successful AI initiatives for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller organizations. My blog posts, coaching sessions, and open-source tools have helped hundreds of leaders and practitioners around the world.

I’ve developed deep expertise in AI for business through my years of working with various businesses as well as my computer science degrees, specifically a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, with a specialization in Applied Artificial Intelligence. As a result of my work over the years, I’ve been featured by numerous media outlets including Forbes, CEOWorld, VentureBeat, CMSWire, Verizon, SDTimes, Techopedia, and Ted Magazine.

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The Business Case for AI

A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies, Best Practices & Real-World Applications. By: Founder, Kavita Ganesan

In this practical guide for business leaders, Kavita Ganesan takes the mystery out of implementing AI, showing you how to launch AI initiatives that get results. With real-world AI examples to spark your own ideas, you’ll learn how to identify high-impact AI opportunities, prepare for AI transitions, and measure your AI performance.

Simple and compelling, The Business Case for AI gives leaders the information they need without the technical jargon. Whether you want to jumpstart your AI strategy, manage your AI initiatives for better outcomes, or simply find inspiration for your own AI applications, The Business Case for AI is your blueprint for AI success.


Discover ideas for applying AI in your business to increase revenues, optimize decision-making & eliminate inefficiencies.


Learn what’s true, what’s hype, and what’s realistic to expect from AI and machine learning systems.


Learn how to spot lucrative AI opportunities in your organization and capitalize on them in creative ways.

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