We work with senior leadership teams to transform their organization into an AI-capable and ready organization. We do this through training, consulting, and coaching.

Jumpstart AI Transformation

Our signature service is our Jumpstart AI Transformation program. Through this program we:

  • Train executives to help them develop an AI vision for the company
  • Train managers and domain experts to help them manage AI initiatives 
  • Conduct strategy workshops to help teams identify AI opportunities
  • Help teams pilot AI projects to build their AI experience

The result is that instead of pouring money into pointless AI projects, companies embark on initiatives that will improve the productivity of their employees, reduce operational costs, and boost revenues.

Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Kavita Ganesan. I’m on a mission to help companies get meaningful outcomes from AI.

Having been in the field for over 15 years, I’ve seen that the top reason AI initiatives fail is when leaders have the wrong expectations from AI. Leaders want incredible results from AI—fast. 

Unfortunately, AI takes preparation, leadership involvement, and the right problems for meaningful outcomes. 

I help bridge the expectations gap through training, mindset, and practical strategies. And throughout my journey with clients, I focus on clarity and purpose to get them the best results from their investments.

Ready to start your AI journey?

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