5 Benefits Of Our Text Analysis Services

#1 Our Insights are Ready for Prime Time

  • We don’t just run tools on the data we work with. We are Text and Data analysis experts who carefully analyze your data with the right tools and techniques and summarize the results, so you can focus on the decision making based on insights we provide.


#2 We Segment Our Insights Based On Your Needs

  • We perform analysis at different granularities. For example, we can perform analysis at the individual level (e.g. physician), departmental level as well as facility level so that you get a complete picture of what is happening in specific departments as well as what is happening on an overall basis.


#3 We Help You Track Progress

  • As you make changes to your operations based on the insights we provide, we help you track the effect of that change in subsequent years through our analysis. Whether it is a change in making parking more available or making your facility safer we help you track progress every year using our comparative analysis services. 


#4 We Help Keep Your Costs Down

  • Text Analysis to drive decision making, requires expert level data analysis by Data Scientists with expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP). A full-time data scientist can cost you anywhere from $120,000 a year . With our Text Analysis services, at a third of the cost, you get to work with world class Natural Language Processing experts who not only have formal training in NLP, but also extensive industry experience having done work for Microsoft, 3M Health, eBay and Huntsman Cancer Institute.


#5 We Use State-Of-The-Art Technology

  • As experts in Natural Language Processing, we have developed our own state-of-the-art technology designed and customized for the niches we work in. We are also constantly improving our technology to improve its accuracy and to provide more in-depth analysis.



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