Text Analytics Consulting

Save time. Accelerate decision making. Gain custom insights from your text data. 

Are you sick and tired of tools that don’t work for text data? 

While many data analytics tools are available in the market, most fail to provide usable insights. Businesses are leaving behind millions of dollars on the table by not fully leveraging their text data to improve products as well customer and employee experience. 

Truth is, Text Analytics is hard. It often requires customization and a specialist on task to correctly deal with the specific text data problems.

So instead of creating a one-size-fits-all software, we take a hybrid approach. We combine our Data Science, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing expertise with the right tools to get you the insights that will drive key business decisions.

With our services, you don’t have to hire a whole new team of data scientists or buy new data analytics software. You work directly with us to achieve your goals. 


We turn your messy unstructured text data to insights you can immediately act on using our decades worth of text mining expertise along with our in-house tools. We don’t just run tools on data, we summarize our findings, separate signal from noise and prepare a comprehensive report you can use for decision making, business meetings and company all-hands.


Most dashboards can only deal with clean, structured data. We develop components that will crunch messy unstructured data to produce data that is easily consumable and can integrate with your dashboard for reporting purposes. Search logs, customer support tickets and customer complaints are ideal candidates for this.


Do you have a big dump of text data? Do you need to transform this to clean structured data that you can easily analyze and manage? We can set-up customized automated pipelines that will get your data dumps into your desired format.


Don’t know how to leverage your text data? We work with leaders to provide strategy and guidance on how to effectively use their text data to improve brand perception, tap into the most pressing customer problems, synthesize comments from different sources and more. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Kavita is very knowledgeable in data mining, proposing different options and helping us find out the appropriate approach to our unique problem. I enjoy working with her, and highly recommend her.

DongXia Liu

CTO, LegalForce Trademarkia

Dr. Ganesan’s work and output is of very high quality. Her communication skills are excellent and she is able to explain and support her work
and recommendations very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Ganesan.

Anupam Singh

President, 113 Industries

Dr. Ganesan’s work exceeded my expectations. She set the standard for subsequent data science and AI experts due to her uncompromising approach to the work and desire to constantly improve our product.

Fritz Morris

CEO, Brightmind

Our core expertise

Machine Learning

With machine learning, we can help automate workflows and make human like predictions.

Natural Language Processing

We use Natural Language Processing to better leverage and organize the plethora of text from documents and conversations.

 Text Mining 

We use Text Mining to make sense of large amounts of data for insights, problem diagnosis, market research, e-discovery and more.

Deep Learning

We leverage Deep Learning technologies to handle complex data problems with unmatched accuracy. 

About Us

We are a team of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Analysis experts, trained at some of the top graduate programs in the United States. While we have done much research in the field, we are industry practitioners who teach and develop working text mining solutions for small, medium and large organizations.  

Our Work in Action



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