AI Consulting to Automate Your Business

We provide experience backed advice & implementation to help you automate away inefficiencies and become more innovative in your industry.

AI Strategy, Implementation & Analytics.

With our AI consulting services, we’re there with you from developing an AI strategy up to implementation. We provide advise backed by years of experience, navigate AI projects from conception to completion, implement solutions and help you make data-driven decisions from complex data sources.

Our goal is simple—to help you improve business efficiency leveraging AI for the right problems. Ultimately, this can reduce operational costs, remove friction in your business and help boost revenues.

With over a decade of experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500s, we know how to apply the right thinking to maximize the success of your AI initiatives.

How we help with AI consulting?

AI consulting services to automate your business

We find you the lowest hanging fruits for AI-driven automation with clarity on the potential ROI. We also help you prepare for future automation opportunities if you’re just getting started.

Have an idea but don’t know how to proceed? We’ll bring your AI vision to life. We work with you at the planning as well as implementation level to move your AI agenda forward.

Get complex AI systems developed by the experts. We start with your business goals, followed by an analysis of your current technology stack, data availability, and more. 

Super-charge your analytics capabilities with complex data sources. Support conversations, social media comments, and reviews are some of the data we’ve worked with.

Our Core Expertise

What we’re great at

  • Machine Learning & NLP
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Text Analytics
  • Text Classification
  • Metrics & Evaluation
  • Measuring AI ROI
  • Executive Coaching
  • AI Project Management
  • AI Project Planning
  • AI Opportunity Analysis

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