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We work with leaders at different tiers of the organization to grow their AI & data capabilities to improve business efficiency, make better decisions, and delight their customers.

ai consulting, ai strategy consulting, machine learning consulting
ai consulting, ai strategy consulting, machine learning consulting

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AI Services

How we help businesses like yours with our AI consulting & advisory services

Not sure how to get started with AI? Our Jumpstart AI Transformation program provides organizations with a structured path toward becoming AI-ready. Learn how it can help you reach your goals.

Struggling to get a grasp of AI? We train leadership teams within the enterprise to the consumers of AI. Our AI training programs start with the baseline that every group is comfortable with.

We can help you develop expert AI solutions for the messiest of tasks. From text classification systems to recommender engines, we can develop and design initial prototypes and guide you through productionization.

Looking to gain insights from your unstructured data? We help mine, analyze and extract the best insights for your most pressing business questions. Learn more about how you can start putting your data to work.

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About Us in Brief

We help companies around the world develop and grow their organization’s AI capabilities through consulting and enterprise-level training. Here are some quick facts about us:

  • Completed over two dozen successful AI projects for mid-sized and large enterprises
  • Experience with multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, technology & legal
  • Over 15 years of industry expertise in AI, NLP & Intelligent Systems
  • Author of open-source tools widely adopted by data scientists
  • Taught thousands of data scientists on the topic of NLP and Machine Learning for practical applications
  • Our expertise is sought out by numerous media brands including CMSWire, CIOReview, Verizon, and KDNuggets.

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